I am a wealth manager at Guardian Financial Management, located in Lewisville, TX. We help young professionals, retirees and business owners create structured financial plans to help them achieve their goals.

I’ve been in the world of financial markets for my entire career. From a broker, trading, derivatives risk, hedging, to portfolio management.

I created this blog for many reasons. My main goal is to continue to grow my profession in financial markets with the help of writing about what I learn and my views. Not only will I increase my personal understanding, but I can better translate information to my clients, colleagues and readers. This blog also creates transparency for my clients and readers. You will have access to my point of views, opinions and how I think about markets without the noise of the big financial new stations.

I hope you find this blog useful and full of information. I welcome any feedback, comments or even suggestions on financial topics you might want to know more about. Please feel free to contact me.